Chartered Membership

Chartered Membership CIHCM

Chartered membership designation is the hallmark of your success in housing, it’s a demonstration of your housing expertise, your commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards. It shows the recognition that you are a fully qualified, competent and committed housing professional.

Chartered membership is for professionals who have worked in housing, or related services, for a number of years and are looking to enhance their knowledge for senior leadership positions. You may have years of management experience whereby you are required to make strategic decisions and plans, hold a high level of accountability and have good critical reflection skill.

The Chartered Member designation helps you stand out from the crowd by identifying you as a trusted professional who has achieved the highest standard in our industry. This program helps you become more effective in your role by helping you to:

  • Think strategically and identify opportunities in the current housing environment
  • Acquire specialist knowledge
  • Learn about innovative approaches to today’s biggest challenges
  • Network with peers to find new solutions

By successfully completing the Level 5 Diploma in Housing, you will achieve CIH’s most senior grade of membership, CIH Chartered Membership (CIHCM), an internationally recognized designation for housing professionals. This gold standard indicates that you have a well-developed understanding of the strategic issues facing the housing industry and your organization.


There are different pathways to achieve the Chartered Membership designation. Each is designed to match personal learning preference with relevant experience and knowledge.

The most popular way to achieve the Chartered Membership designation is through the successful completion of the Level 5 Diploma in Housing.

The Experienced Professional Route is designed for participants with significant experience and knowledge in housing and management to quickly achieve the Chartered Membership. Instead of completing online courses, you will submit a written assignment and complete a professional interview to showcase your knowledge and expertise.


Level 5 Diploma in Housing Core Curriculum

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