Certified Practitioner

Certified Practitioner CertCIH

Can be considered the “industry standard” for housing professionals, this grade shows employers that you have achieved a certain level of skills and knowledge needed to be a housing professional.

A CertCIH Housing Professional:

  • Understands the housing system in Canada
  • Understands the role of customer service and communication in housing
  • Understands approaches to delivering a responsive repairs service
  • Understands approaches to delivering long term asset management programmes
  • Knows the key skills, knowledge and behaviours required for the housing professional
  • Understands ethics in the context of professional practice in housing
  • Understands equality, diversity and inclusion in the context of professional practice in housing


By successfully completing the Level 3 Certificate in Housing Services you become eligible for the Certified Practitioner Membership with CIH and the professional designation of CertCIH. If you wish, you can then continue your housing education at the Level 5 that leads to Chartered Membership.

Level 3 Certificate in Housing Units

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