Code of Conduct and Ethics


Housing professionals are entrusted to manage housing assets on behalf of the communities they serve. Members of CIH Canada declare a commitment to our code of ethics and professional standards.

Housing is a values-based profession. Working in housing puts professionals in a position of trust in relation to their customers, employers and the public who rely on them to make professional judgements. Most people working in housing were attracted to the profession by the opportunities to improve people’s lives through the places in which they live. The principles outlined below represent a profession-wide shared view of the ethical standards that are expected of others working within housing and related sectors. The principles provide a guide for behaviour where there are no specific rules in place in a particular circumstance and assist members to recognise and resolve ethical issues and value conflicts. Members are expected to integrate these principles into every aspect of their professional behaviour.

Respect for others – Act with integrity – Take responsibility – Maintain professional competence – Make a difference

CIH Code of Ethics 2020

CIH Code of Conduct 2020