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29/08/2019 Experienced Professional Route (Application Deadline)

Experienced Professional Route (Application Deadline) 

12/09/2019 Asset Management (Application Deadline, Chartered)

Asset Management (Application Deadline, Chartered) 

19/09/2019 The Housing System (Online Certified)

The Housing System (Online Certified) 

26/09/2019 Experience Professional Route (Intake 3 – 2019)

Experience Professional Route (Intake 3 – 2019) 

Applicants need to demonstrate that they have knowledge and experience in housing. Please ensure you meet one of the following three criteria:
1- You have five years of experience working as a senior manager in a housing organization.
2- You’ve working in housing or housing-related sectors for five years, two of which are at management level, and you have:
-A degree in a related area of study; or
– Achieved the Certified Housing Professional designation -CertCIH
3- You’ve worked in housing or housing-related sectors at the management level for at least years and you are a fully qualified member of another professional body.

10/10/2019 Asset Management (Online, Chartered)

Asset Management (Online, Chartered) 

31/10/2019 Experience Professional Route (Application Deadline)

Experience Professional Route (Application Deadline) 

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