Member Profile: Christina Bonham

Member Profile: Christina Bonham

Member Profile: Christine Bonham

Posted on February 5, 2016

Christina has worked at the Region of York in Ontario since 2011. During this time, she has been a Tenant Services Coordinator and has also served as acting Property Manager.

Christina obtained her Certified designation in 2015. We talked with her about her experience:


Christina_webYou achieved your Certified designation and are currently pursuing your Chartered designation. Why did you decide to continue onto the next level?

I joined CIH Canada because I believe the housing sector needs standards for service delivery and professionalism. I also really enjoy learning! Taking the Certified courses ignited a desire to keep growing my knowledge, so it was a natural progression to continue with the Chartered program. I’m very fortunate and grateful that my organization is able to support me with my studies.

How have you found the coursework? What differences are there between the two programs?

I think the coursework in both programs is unparalleled to other designations in Ontario. The material is challenging and university equivalent.

The Certified program focuses on each learner’s organization and how it does business. The Chartered program builds on this learning and takes it one step further by looking at the housing sector as a whole. It explores challenges faced by the sector nationally and how organizations can strategically face these issues.

Is the knowledge you’ve gained helping in your current role? If so how?

It’s helped me appreciate my own organization and interconnections within housing. I think many of us do our job without realizing how connected we are through the work we do. Completing the coursework gave me a sense of belonging to the housing sector and the passionate people who make up our industry. I am always looking for ways to apply the learning within my organization and engage on affordable housing issues facing Canadians.

What about career development? Do you think your designation will help with future opportunities?

I am hopeful my designation will help with future career opportunities. Because the designation is new to Canada, it may take time for organizations to recognize the inherent value of the designation, but I trust this will happen.

Finally, what would you say to someone who is thinking about starting a course with CIH Canada?

It’s worth the investment! If you want to find meaning in your work and gain satisfaction by applying and challenging yourself, CIH Canada programs are worth pursuing. I looked forward to each course and found the material engaging and meaningful. However, be prepared for a significant time commitment. You will spend at least six hours a week studying, plus additional time on your papers.