CIH Membership application information pack 2019

Thank you for applying to study with CIH Canada


CIH Canada is the professional body for all housing professionals in Canada so if you’re looking to take the first or next step in your career then you’ve come to the right place!


What we need from you
Inside this pack you’ll find everything you need to apply for an online qualification. To help us process your application as quickly as possible so you can begin your studies we will need:

  • Applicant contact information
  • Member number or membership application
  • Course application
  • Payment information
  • Signed declaration
  • Photocopies of your previous qualification certificates (if applicable)


We’re here to help
Our friendly learning team is on hand to help you every step of the way. If you have any enquiries about your application please contact us:

  • Call us at 613 432 9491


Deadline for applications

For application closing dates go to or contact us at


















Part 1: Applicant and Membership Information

Personal Contact information

Home address:
Home telephone no: Home email address:

Employment contact Information

Work address:
Phone: E-mail: Fax:
Work telephone no: Work email address:
Job title: Role level: Role type:
Please indicate your preferred contact number Home []     Work []
Please indicate your preferred email address Home []     Work []


Are you a member of CIH Canada?

Yes, membership number      

No *If you are not a member please complete the membership information below



The full subscription rates are chargeable from January to December.  If you join after January you will only pay a proportion of the full fee which is equivalent to the number of months remaining to the end of December that year.  You will then be automatically billed for the full year subscription from the following January.


All fees are due in full at the point of applying and are non-refundable.  Your proportional fee should be calculated from the start of the month following your application.





Annual February March         April      May            June         
$225.00 $206.25 $187.50 $168.75 $150.00 $131.25
July      August    September October November December
$112.50 $93.75 $75.00 $56.25 $37.50 $18.75



Total Membership Fees Due: $      









How did you hear about us?

Please tick one of the following that is most applicable to let us know how you heard about this Program course:





Word of mouth

Social network (please specify)

Other (please specify)



I declare that the particulars given in this form are true and complete in all respects. I undertake, if accepted, to observe the provisions of the Charter & Bylaws and to abide by its Code of Professional Conduct as a condition of membership of the Chartered Institute of Housing and to contribute, if I am able, to the activities of CIH.


Signature of applicant:







In making this application your contact details will be stored on our database.  As you are a member of CIH, we and our provincial CIH Canada partners will use these details to provide you with information and benefits relevant to your membership.  From time to time membership details are passed to third parties for the sole purpose of providing you with products and services that you receive as part of your membership.  The CIH does not sell its membership lists to any other organisation for marketing purposes.  We will also use the data for the purposes of providing you with information about other CIH products and services that may be of interest to you.  You can change your preferences for the type of communication you receive from us at


If you would prefer not to be informed of CIH products in the future (excluding any information relevant to your membership) then please tick the box 














Part 2: Course Application form


Choose your program/course:

The following is a list of the programs and courses currently being offered by CIH Canada. Please tick the box before the full title of the course for which you are applying from the list below:

 Certified housing professional program

Online Learning


Which of the 4 courses would you like to study online?

Cost per course = $ 850 plus applicable taxes




Managing buildings

Managing people and organizations

Housing management

The housing system


Pre-approved exemption for CIH Canada’s Managing buildings course


Which of the following courses have you successfully completed?

(Please provide a copy of certificate of completion with your application.)



REIC – RES201: Successful Site Management

IHM – Building Maintenance for Property Managers


 Chartered housing professional program

Which of the 4 online courses would you like to study?

Cost per course = $1200 plus applicable taxes



Housing policy

Asset management

Housing and society

Managing people  and organizational strategy



Total Program/Course Fees Due: $      plus applicable taxes


Education and Professional Qualifications

*Please include below details of any programs or courses you have completed that relate to your work in the industry. E.g. Degrees, Diplomas, Certification etc. 

Program or Course Title Educational Institution Date Awarded



career history

Please tell us about your employment history or attach a copy of your resume. If you are currently working in a voluntary position in housing, please specify the organisation you work for and your role.
Date: Employer: Position:


course start date

When do you want to start?
Course name:                                                                       Start Date:


Chartered applicants only

Reasons for applying: Please answer the questions below; they have been designed to help you think about your personal objectives and how you are planning to approach your study for the course. The answers also give us a chance to find out a bit more about you; we will share this information with your tutor to help them to provide you with the right support.
1.  Please write up to 300 words in support of your application, telling us why you want to do the course and to support your eligibility for the qualification you have chosen. See for eligibility.
2. What experience and skills do you have (including IT skills)? Please provide up to 200 words for this question.
3. How do you plan to use the learning from this course, how do you think it will support your career in the future? Please provide up to 200 words for this question.
4. Please provide us with a plan of how you will effectively manage your time while completing your studies?

(See method of payment for information on our refund policy)

By signing this form, you will accept that:


  • All information as published here or elsewhere in our promotional materials is correct at the time of printing.  The CIH and its partnership institutions reserve the right to change any information including contents of the courses and assessment details where and when necessary within the requirements of the syllabuses;
  • You have read the course information and understand the level of time commitment needed to complete your studies and produce written assignments within the given deadlines.  You have read and understood our refund policy.


Signature Date








Part 3: Payment Options and Terms and Conditions

method of payment

CIH Canada will send you an invoice with information about payment options (cheque, Visa and MasterCard). Please indicate how you would like to be invoiced (select all that apply):


Pay all at once (invoice for all courses within program)

Pay as you go (invoice course by course)

I would like my Membership fee billed separate from my courses fee(s)



Terms and conditions
Your course materials will be made available on CIH Canada’s online learning website. Logins and other course details will be sent to you prior to the start of your course.


Refund policy
The policy below will be strictly adhered to. All withdrawals from the course must be made in writing to CIH.


Stage Policy
If a student has enrolled and cancelled within two weeks of the closing date of the intake concerned 100% refund
If a student has enrolled and been given logins to the CIH online learning site 50% refund
If a student has enrolled, has logins and attended orientation and it is within two weeks of the closing date of the intake concerned 25% refund
If a student has enrolled and has begun course No refund
















Final Application Checklist:

Part 1: Membership

Personal contact information

Membership number or select membership subscription start date with appropriate membership fee

Signed declaration


Part 2: Course application

Program/course selection

Education and Professional Qualifications

Career/work history

Reason for applying (Chartered applicants only)

Signed declaration


Part 3: Payment

Payment selection


Other items to include

Photocopies of your previous qualification certificates (if applicable)

Resume (optional)